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i’m drinking tea and cuddling with fuzzy ratties life is pretty nice rn

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"What Are You?"- The Quintessential Microaggression

Wow. This is amazing. I’ve heard and made so many attempts to explain the harm of asking this question, but this explanation, this passion, perfectly describes the problem with asking “What are you?”, to any human being. No one should have to feel as if they’re under constant scrutiny just because they seem racially ambigous. This fear of the unknown is so prevalent in our culture that it allows homophobia, racism, etc., to persist and prevail. 

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Watch this video right now. This is coolest thing I have seen in a while. In the video, actress and writer, Kathreen Khavari describes the dangers and reality of typecasting and stereotypes impeccably. It’s devastating to me that we can live in a society in which this is not easily recognized as a severe issue that continues to hinder our progress as a united society.

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tumblr i have returned

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I just think this video is amazing. Short, sweet, and to the point. The point being that you are beautiful. I especially love this video because it’s message is quite the opposite of it’s media counterparts. It tells you that you are already perfect, not that you must be perfect, not that you will be perfect after you use x product, not that you can never be perfect, but that we are all perfect in our differences.

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Honoring the one year anniversary of the rape and death of Jyoti Singh Pandey (Dec. 16, Dec. 29), I would like to bring the issue of rape in India (and everywhere else) back to the front of our minds.


The rape and death of the infamous, Nirbhaya (meaning fearless in English), sparked a movement in cities all across India, working to eradicate the man-made epidemic that is rape. 


Embedded in the Indian culture is the underlying theme/norm that men are superior to women and are able to exercise their superiority in a plethora of ways. Men can rape. Men can work. Men can abuse, verbally, mentally, and physically. Women can only be shamed victims. These ideas have been cemented into the patriarchy of India.

The only way we can work to fix this problem is to truly reach the minds of the men of India and get them to understand that THIS IS NOT OKAY. Women are not OBJECTS that you can USE and ABUSE.

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RAPE IN INDIA (and everywhere else).

Ladies, it’s ALL our fault that these poor men keep getting seduced by us and our short skirts, thereby giving them no other choice then but to rape us. We are just AWFUL. 

^ if for some reason you are painfully gullible, i’d just like to let you know that I am joking with the utmost sarcasm


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The video above is an Indian ad showing men how they look when looking (leering) at women. This video clearly illustrates the amount of comfort many men feel obviously staring at women in public places in many countries, such as India. 

**the song lyrics translate to “look at how you look when you’re looking at me”**

I love the way this video depicts the reaction of men to their own looks.


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In This House- SDLC 2013

"In this house, we shall love. In this house, we shall seek justice. In this house, who you are is okay, and who you will be is even better. In this house, you will find comfort. In this house, you will find soul food. In this house, you are safe. Welcome home SDLC." - Rodney Glasgow

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This article speaks volumes about one of the biggest problems that there is in the field of feminism/gender equality today. The issue is that “feminism” has been made to have a bad connotation. People think that feminism is the hope for women to be superior to men instead of the other way around. For this reason and this reason only, it took me a while to declare that I am a feminist. If someone asked me before, I would always just respond “I believe in equality” because I felt that answer got my point across much more effectively and correctly than “Yes, I am a feminist”.

Feminism is the belief in gender equality.

And yes,

I am a feminist.

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SDLC was absolutely amazing—- imma miss these desi kids.
Welcome home SDLC.

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Anonymous asked: u have a very nice blog and i agree with like everything u say

Ahh thank you so much! I’m so happy that someone actually reads what I say!! :) you’re really sweet!

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